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2N Virtual Classroom: Seamless intercom set-up with 2N OS

Duration: 90 minutes on-demand recording

The 2N OS is the best on the market - and we’ll prove it to you in action on our latest device- the 2N® IP Style.
We’ll explain what the 2N OS capable of, how to navigate it, and then divide its features into easily digestible sections. You’ll learn everything from how to find devices on the network and change network settings, to setting up a display for an IP Style device, as well as any troubleshooting basics.

This live webinar is perfect for integrators who want to:
• Get a comprehensive introduction to our devices’ web interface
• See the OS in action on our 2N® IP Style intercom
• Ensure a seamless integration of devices with our cloud network
• Unlock the full potential of 2N products

Content in detail:
• How to find devices on the network and change network settings
• How to check you have the latest FW
• How to do a factory reset
• How to set the time, change passwords and add a license
• The quickest way to set up calls between 2N OS and 3rd party devices
• How to set up time profiles and add credentials to users
• A detailed understanding of switches and door settings
• Streaming a video from the intercom
• How to set up a display for the 2N® IP Style

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  • On-demand recording
Completion rules
  • ELEARNING: All units must be completed. WEBINAR: Attend the webinar session to complete the course.