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2N Virtual Classroom: 2N IP Lift Solutions: How to modernise your elevator

Become an expert on our IP Lift emergency communication solutions and our cloud platform 2N® Elevator Centre so you can bring 21st Century IP into your lift services, no matter if you have analogue, digital or full IP technology in your lift cabins.

Join our webinar if you want to:

- Learn how to configure all our market-leading IP Lift products into your lift system, including 2N® EasyGate IP, 2N® LiftGate, 2N® LiftIP 2.0 and 2N Lift8
- Get to know all the benefits of our cloud platform 2N® Elevator Centre, plus how to use it
- Enjoy useful practical demonstrations
- Have your questions answered by our expert with our live Q&A at the end
- Get loads of exclusive tips and tricks along the way you won’t find in a boring manual!

Content in detail

2N® EasyGate IP & 2N® Lift1 communicator - 4G connection for analogue devices
1. Basic scheme and connection
2. Supported protocols for alarm/checking calls
3. Configuration demonstration
2N® LiftIP 2.0 – Full IP in the cabin
1. Basic scheme connection
2. How to configure
3. Quick demonstration
2N® LiftGate & 2N® LiftIP 2.0 – full IP connectivity using just 2 wires in the travelling cable
1. Basic scheme connection
2. Configuration of LiftGate and how to connect to the LiftIP
3. Demonstration of configuration and usage
2N Lift8 – digital modular solution for multiple shafts
1. Basic scheme connection
2. Configuration of the 2N® Lift8 Central Unit
3. Quick demonstration
2N® Elevator Center platform
1. Purpose of the cloud
2. What we can connect
3. Advantages of the cloud solution
4. Demonstration
  • On-demand webinar recording
Completion rules
  • ELEARNING: All units must be completed. WEBINAR: Attend the webinar session to complete the course.