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2N Virtual Classroom: 2N® Access Commander 2022

Become an Access Commander expert and get the most out of our Access Control solutions!

2N Access Commander is the nerve centre of our Access Control. It allows you to configure, manage and control 2N IP intercoms and Access Unit readers you’ve set up in your projects – making it a vital tool for hassle-free integrations and site maintenance as well as saving you time and money! But, as with any genius tool, sometimes you need some guidance on how to make the most out of it. That’s where this free webinar for all things 2N® Access Commander comes in handy.

Join us and learn from our practical webinar for those who want to…
• Get a comprehensive and detailed overview of everything 2N® Access Commander can do for you
• Become an expert in the more complex elements of the software

We’ll cover everything from the introduction of the customisable dashboard and basic set-up of access rules to the explanation of advanced features such as lockdown, visitor management, and user roles – as well as the professional features such as lift control, integrations, and SMTP & notification settings.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Content in detail

Introduction to 2N® Access Commander: installation, licensing policy, regular updates
Dashboard customisation and user roles
Basic access control setup: access rules, access points, access matrix
Advanced features demo: Lockdown, anti-passback, visitor management, time & attendance monitoring, occupancy, CamLogs, license plate recognition (LPR), notifications and SMTP settings
Access Control for lifts: solution description and setup
How to integrate 2N® Access Commander with 3rd party systems
  • On-demand recording
Completion rules
  • ELEARNING: All units must be completed. WEBINAR: Attend the webinar session to complete the course.