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Update 10 - 2N OS 2.40 + AC 2.6.1 (3A1)

Duration: 10min / Instant Access

We will show you the new features of the 2N OS 2.40 and 2N Access Commander 2.6.1.

What will you learn?

2N OS 2.40
Dual authentication using LPR
H.265 support for RTSP/ONVIF
PICard non-compatibility warning message
Terminate Group Calls on First Rejected
No unlock code, no unlock button
3rd party cameras switching in call
3rd party cameras with doorbell
New HTTP “blinds” icon

2N AC 2.6.1
Compatibility with 2N OS 2.40
  • 2N OS 2.40 + AC 2.6.1
  • Short Survey
  • Learn more
Completion rules
  • ELEARNING: All units must be completed. WEBINAR: Attend the webinar session to complete the course.