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Unlock IP Communication In the Elevator Industry

Duration: 30 minutes

Join our webinar if you want to:

- Become an expert on elevator emergency communication solutions using 2N IP technology
- Learn how you can bring 21st Century IP technology into your elevator services and be compliant with elevator norms.
- Discover how to bring internet broadband to the cabin using existing cabling (plain 2-wires)
- Get valuable knowledge on IP communication, VoIP technology and SIP protocol
- Have your questions answered by our expert

Content in detail:

- Short introduction to the company 2N
- How the digital transformation impact the industry and its natural transition to VoIP calling
- Learn about how the 2N® EasyGate IP, 2N® LiftGate, 2N® LiftIP 2.0 are perfect solutions now and for the future
- Learn how to manage, monitor and configure 2N devices remotely and in bulk thanks to our cloud solution Elevator Center
- Q&A session

This webinar is perfect for:

• Elevator companies
• Service providers
• Distributors
• Resellers
• Installers
• Property managers
• Elevator owners
• Anyone!

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